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Executive Team

David G. O’Reilly

Founder & President

The expertise Mr. O’Reilly brings to our company spans over decades in the field of telecommunications.  His cumulative knowledge originates in the early 80’s at the crux of the divestiture era where he led a series of projects for the design, engineering and deployment of switching systems throughout the country for a major service provider. As part of his innovative business strategies he originated and pioneered the creation and development of an ERP software system used within the organization, receiving an A+ rating from Gartner, Inc. research.  He is responsible for the development of numerous work processes and procedures to improve efficiencies throughout the industry and is certified as an ISO 9001/TL9000 quality auditor.  Mr. O’Reilly continues to oversee the day to day operations and strategic vision for the organization.


​Lynne Taylor-Kilgore

Controller/Human Resources

Ms Taylor-Kilgore has been with Capital for over 18 years and oversees the administrative operations in house. She brings with her an accounting background of more than 30 years in the public and private sectors. In addition to handling all of the company’s tax, payroll and accounting needs she supports and supervises the staffing of the company along with administering all of the benefit programs, keeping the company in compliance with all regulatory agencies. She sits on the Steering Committee that is responsible for performance management and improvement of systems within Capital and holds the title of Quality Manager for ISO/TL compliance issues. For the staff of Capital she provides employee orientation, development and monitors their training, along with ensuring their safety, wellness, welfare and health. Ms Taylor-Kilgore is also in charge of the administrative resource needs of the company, providing employees with the tools necessary for their position.

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