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With over 35 years of history and foundation providing quality engineering and installation services to an industry that expects and demands 100% availability, Capital Communications is equipped and positioned to provide that same level of high availability and reliability to industries that demand the same.

During the process of initializing mobility/cellular switching and transport facilities generally at least three separate companies can be involved.  The process includes one company that engineers & designs the facility, one that furnishes & delivers the equipment and a third that completes the installation process.  This work-flow caters to a high risk of error as messages get delayed or even lost between the separate companies.  Following this type of scenario can become complicated should trouble develop and a repair is needed.

Capital Communications is ideally positioned to support carriers and service providers through the transition from traditional voice, video, and data to leading edge IP based Telemedia and Mobile Media services.  Our experienced team will guide you from start to finish through planning, engineering, system installation and maintenance.  We have extensive knowledge of optical, wireline and mobility technologies that comply with all regulatory requirements.

It is a realization that most companies evolve with technology to keep their cutting edge, maintaining an advantage over the competition and addressing limitations caused by their work environment and surroundings.

This is especially true in a wireless environment where building materials, HVAC and equipment will block and limit wireless services on a daily basis.  The addition of an in-building DAS system has shown to increase productivity by expanding the access to automated processes, monitoring and user interfaces.  Paperless record flow such as quality control, testing and bench marking depends on the flexibility of wireless services.

A robust DAS system will enhance the processes of daily operations and for most commercial buildings,  provides compliance with regulatory requirements that in emergency situations allows the ability for First Responders to communicate.  Capital will deliver the correct placement and implementation of a DAS system to meet all challenges faced within your organization.

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