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Network architectures can vary significantly and use a wide variety of technologies for connectivity.  This creates a complex environment which, if not tested, validated, managed, and optimized, can have a detrimental effect on an end user’s service experience.  Capital Communications employs a staff of dedicated experts that are manufacturer-certified with leading OEM's and capable of commissioning the most vital network components.


When deploying a new DAS system the commissioning process is considered the most critical phase in the roll out process.   To properly commission a DAS, stringent test procedures must be followed to ensure its infrastructure is functional and trouble free.  Any infrastructure issues discovered during this phase will need to be addressed and resolved prior to the system being placed into operation.

The main testing element for commissioning is certifying that physical media meets the required performance specifications.

Typical tests include:

  • Fiber inspection to certify the quality of the fiber connectors and measure insertion loss Using an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) to characterize installed-fiber build quality

  • Ensuring that 75 ohm and 50 ohm coax runs have acceptable return loss (RL/VSWR) and Distance to Fault (DTF)

  • Certifying twisted pair cabling meets the required category or class requirements (Category 6A, for example)

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