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Office Buildings


Today’s workforce is mobile.  Voice, data and video, are integral components of an individual’s daily life and the office environment.  High rise and large buildings may have signal interference due to design and building materials.

Building and complex owners look for competitive solutions for effective communications and carrier selection.  Also, building and complex owners require cost effective solutions while increasing tenant retention and satisfaction.


Establishing a reliable, quality in-building solution is a basic building block for business success.  Additionally, an office complex or multi-tenant environment seeks an array of flexible solutions versus a single provider solution.  A neutral host DAS may be the right solution.  Capital Communications provides carrier neutral solutions in large business applications and can customize any solution to fit your needs.  Capital’s proven ability to work with industry leading telecommunications providers eliminates carrier coordination concerns. Our experience allows us to select and install the right system for seamless communications indoors and on the grounds.


It’s a realization of manufacturing that companies evolve with technology to keep their cutting edge, distancing themselves from the competition while dealing with limitations caused by their work environment and surroundings.  Building materials, HVAC and equipment will block and limit wireless services on a daily basis.


The addition of an in-building DAS system implements a solution for manufacturing facilities by increasing productivity via utilization of automated processes, monitoring and user interfaces.  Paperless record flow such as quality control, testing and bench marking depends on the flexibility of wireless services.  A robust DAS system will enhance the processes of manufacturing.  Capital will commission the correct placement and implementation of a DAS system to meet all challenges faced in the plant environment.

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