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Public Safety

Private radio and emergency radio network


In an emergency situation, it is critical that police, fire department or other 911 personnel can be contacted for dispatch. In any indoor or outdoor environment there are challenges to establishing connectivity to the 800 band services. Basements and tunnels in buildings and facilities block any and all radio signals from reaching the transmitter. Increasingly, fire departments are also mandating that coverage be enhanced in existing buildings, following the International Fire Code (IFC) section 510 and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 1802).


Establishing an 800 MHZ radio network utilizing DAS systems the carrier places can facilitate connectivity to the network. A private radio system using emergency 800 BDA (Repeater) system allows private networks to build a small DAS with antennas or a leaky coax system to fit the needs of the customer.  Capital has designed, implemented and commissioned 800 MHZ networks for customer buildings and underground  tunnel coverage. SMR (Special Mobile Radio) and LMR (Land Mobile Radio) were tested at all segments of buildings and tunnels.

See page 36 of the NFPA 1802 Voice Radio Communications Guide for a description of current requirements.  Additional explaination of these globally adopted standards can be found in section 510 of the International Fire Code.

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