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About Us

Certified and Award Winning

An ISO 9001 and TL 9000 registered company, Capital Communications, Inc. is an award-winning telecommunications contracting company located in Wixom, Michigan. For over 30 years, Capital Communications has maintained a small-company-feel intentionally remaining nimble to allow quick ramp-up times and prompt responses to customer needs.  One of the most trusted and respected providers of installation services in the telecom industry, Capital Communications is known for our uncompromising work ethic and exceptional customer service.  Our awards are based on our high quality workmanship and 100% on-time delivery to one of the most discerning customers, AT&T.

Originating in 1986, Capital Communications, Inc. emerged in response to a vital need for stringent installation procedures and workmanship standards that were lacking in other service providers.  Founder and President, David G. O’Reilly gained extensive experience through various inter-exchange carriers where he was responsible for the supply and implementation of technical support systems for field personnel, as well as managing the deployment of new switching systems.  During this time, Mr. O’Reilly recognized a critical need for policies, procedures and standards that would positively impact the quality and reliability of equipment installation and service.

Capital Communications’ engineers, installers, technical support and management personnel are the most experienced, committed and knowledgeable professionals in the business.  Even still, Capital Communications believes in staying current in the rapidly changing technology environment.  That’s why our employees continue to hone skills and expand their knowledge through in-house and manufacturer sponsored training seminars and relationships with industry leaders.

Our technical evolution not only relies on the knowledge of our employees, but on the industry and carrier relationships formed with years of experience.  The wireline build out and fiber installation quality skills acquired supporting companies such as AT&T, provide a cornerstone for the transition to wireless technologies.  The skills needed for DAS, Small cell and Head End BTS installation are also a progression from our roots in wireline services.

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