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Designing an optimal network is more than just choosing high quality hardware.  It requires the right components deployed in the right way.  Capital Communications understands the architecture of a network capable of sustaining high performance that keeps the flow of information accessible and responsive even during maximum load.

Wireline technology continues to evolve and information transport systems are the backbone of an enterprise’s technology infrastructure, covering the spectrum of voice, data, electronic safety & security, and audio & video technologies.  Capital provides comprehensive design services for structured cabling systems including pathways, fiber & copper-based distribution systems and wireless-based systems.

Capital's network design and implementation services begin with a thorough review of your network and evaluates current performance and then assesses how future needs can be achieved.  We remain conscious of any budgetary parameters when designing a network addressing today's challenges with the scalability to handle those of tomorrow.


Our qualified staff of engineers will design and document a set of standards that will include suggested security policies to assure network integrity long after installation is complete.  Capital Communications design services provide the reliability, efficiency and results your business can count on. 

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