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The modern college student is well versed in a host of wireless devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptop computers.  Text messaging, audio/video streaming and internet coverage are a part of campus life. In fact, there are many instances where wireless is used to enhance the student’s educational experience.  For students and professors, wireless technologies enrich the lecture experience by providing on-line lectures, supplemental materials and accessibility.

The campus environment is broad, encompassing outside areas and in-building structures such as dorms, classrooms, labs, conference rooms and sporting venues.  Wireless consumption while continuously demanding, may increase significantly during special events and sporting activities.  Coverage, capacity, resiliency drive the demand for quality wireless communications infrastructure and growth planning.


Design an expandable, wireless system that can distribute carrier services throughout the campus.  Coordination among architects, planners and carriers is essential for the proposal and designing of the system to meet the needs of the campus environment.  DAS, both outdoor and indoor, in sync with fiber backbone connectivity are an integral part of the solution.

Capital Communications has implemented multiple indoor and outdoor systems that meet these criteria.  Every campus has its own challenges.  You can rely on Capital to work through the process to ensure the needs of the campus are met.

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