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Project Management

The most effective use of any project management tool is its ability to capture, analyze and extract information where it can be used in the most meaningful way.  In today's Telco environment this is especially important since a myriad of technologies utilized throughout a variety of network types and the different skill sets required to perform the associated tasks of design, install and commissioning whenever adding equipment to an existing or newly established system.  The project manager's ability to organize, schedule and efficiently manage the various disciplines involved with any project is essential toward obtaining a successful outcome.

Capital Communication understands the importance of project performance and budgeting.  To ensure quality results, we measure job performance and use the results to manage your project on every level.   Our own Ware-IT™ project management systems, developed in-house and tailored to the telecom industry is designed to capture and support every activity from initial proposal to project completion.  From start to finish, Capital performs on time and on budget, achieving standards that are unmatched by our competitors.

The Ware-IT™ project management system has demonstrated proven benefits by increasing quality and productivity in the areas of both engineering and installation.  It has also shown to improve operational performance, customer confidence and on-time delivery.

Features offered with Ware-IT™ :


  • List of Materials, construction

  • Job costing and budgeting

  • Bid management

  • Auto-generation of detailed enginneering specification

  • Electronic data centralization

  • Project repository


  • Supplier performance tracking

  • Perferred/disadvantaged supplier management

  • Material pricing

  • Material orders

  • Purchase order creation/tracking

  • Supplier payables


  • Label creation

  • Automated time tracking

  • Installer performance tracking

  • Incentive planning and payout

  • Electronic contact/clarification


  • Customer PO importing

  • Invoice generation

  • EDI-based invoice delivery

  • Receivables tracking/aging

  • Payment processing


  • Real-time project status reporting

  • Engineering capacity planning and assignment

  • Installer capacity planning and scheduling

  • Budget tracking and reporting

  • Impediment notification and escalation


  • Metric definition

  • Audit process management

  • Audit Scheduling

  • Electronic data capture

  • Real-time quality reports

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